My name is Adelaide Taylor. I am a skilled generalist and a professional dot connector. I am a versatile and inquisitive team leader with achievements in both product and project management. Currently, I am the lead digital producer at Blinkk, where I manage the development of websites from creative proposal through launch by collaborating with engineering, product marketing and design teams. While pursuing opportunities in the technology sector, I have become a trained yoga teacher with certifications in Yogahour®, Yin Yoga, and Yoga Nidra. I believe that yoga and mindfulness practices can greatly benefit any self-care routine and I advocate that the lessons of yoga and meditation are directly transferable in all types of collaborative and creative work. In my free time, I disconnect from the digital realm to take kickboxing classes, ride my bike around Atlanta, tend to my plants, chill with my two cats and travel the world.

Conscious Creator

Creativitist [kree-ey-tuh-vist]


  1. person who evolves their thoughts into being with a deliberate awareness of their own existence, sensations, and surroundings. 

  2. person who encourages others to share their thoughts and their work with deliberate intention and self-awareness.

Related: activist, create, creative, conscious, woke.

Aspiring Writer

I write in a non-conforming way about my contemplations on the following questions and ideas: What does it mean to lead a meaningful life as a millennial in our modern society? Is is possible to live a spiritual life without having any spiritual roots? How can women, in the face of sexism, occupy a space alongside their male counterparts? How does modern feminism both exclude and include women from creating more space? How does globalization and modern technology affect personal relationships? What does the practice of yoga have to do with all of this? 



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