Neighbors & Hoods

Atlanta will always hold a special place in my heart, for it has and continues to nourish and refine my growth and evolution - more than I could have ever predicted. Atlanta has inspired newfound creativity and has cultivated an extraordinary sense of belonging within me. I cannot speak to how this city will specifically  impact you but I can promise that its people will challenge your frame of reference. Its people will encourage you to tilt your head a certain way or look over the other shoulder to see something you hadn't noticed before. That's the power of diversity - a natural result of ATLiens stirring up a melting pot of individuals from all over the country and all over the world. At its core however, is an intricate network of academics, creatives, radicals, and revolutionaries - who all share power and grit in their blood. We all share power and grit in our blood. While you won’t find a ton of native Atlantans (#4), the sense of community that you will find goes unmatched. Below you'll read about the communities that I've been lucky enough to be a part of; neighborhoods that I recommend to transplants who hope to find home in a new city.



What used to be a mill town is now characterized by cottage-style homes, eclectic lawn ornaments, and thriving small businesses. The neighbors really really love Cabbagetown. They also really really want you to drive the right way on their one-way streets. The locals will gather and drink beers at 97 Estoria, eat tapas at Carroll St Café, and scoop six-packs at Little's. In 2015, C-town was voted “best neighborhood for the arts” by Creative Loafing. Every fall, Cabbagetown proudly hosts Chomp and Stomp, a weekend of music, art, activities, beer, and exorbitant amounts of chili. Attend the event and you can try all 150-plus if your chili little heart desires. Although I do love everything about Cabbagetown, my single favorite element has got to be Mimi - the cheeriest cheerio-loving pig who lives on Berean Avenue.


Candler Park

Here you'll find a tree-lined extension of North Druid Hills, home to an eclectic arrangement of retail and vintage stores as well as the delicious Candler Park Market and Eat Me Speak Me. Chances of finding an apartment in the neighborhood are rather slim as it’s mainly characterized by historical homes. Not to worry - there's plenty of street parking and atypically bike-able paths (Freedom Park Trail). During festival season, Candler Park never falls short of food trucks, bluegrass, and hula-hooping hippies that'll make you feel right at home.


East Atlanta village

A quiet, humble neighborhood that comes alive at night with unique bars and restaurants, including the ArgosyGraveyard and its Basement (yes, its basement). The best thing about EAV is that it's still "too seedyfor those bougie newcomers but perfectly seedy for us ATLiens. You won't see those bozos at Jamrock, despite the fact that they make the dopest jerk chicken in the whole damn city. As an undercover romantic, I can chill on the hood of my Subaru and catch a flick with my honey at the Starlight Six Drive-In


Grant Park

From small bungalows to large Victorian mansions, GP is famous for its hauntingly-beautiful historical homes. Plus, the actual park is huge - dog owners will surely swoon. Within its district lines is a semi-clean swimming pool, the incredible GP Farmers Market, Oakland Cemetery, and Zoo Atlanta (panda cam!). I'm certainly not hip enough to drink craft beer outside Loose Nuts - but I'll drag my hungover ass next door to Dakota Blue for many hairs of the dog and mountains of tater tots. 


Little Five Points

Go East or West on Euclid Ave and North or South on Moreland Ave to land right into the heart of L5P. You really can't miss it. Little 5 kind of feels like an adult costume party or a slightly-less-grim scene from a Grimms’ fairytale - in the best way, of course. If you’re searching for an apartment here, be on the lookout for a rare opening at Bass Lofts or get on Craigslist to rent a room in a home-turned-duplex. Then be prepared to spend all of your grocery money at The PorterWrecking Bar, and Elmyr and the rest of your paycheck going to shows at Variety Playhouse and Aisle 5. I guess shit could be worse...



Although Ponce De Leon Ave runs through multiple districts, in this particular area you'll discover some majorly top-notch spots that I love to frolic (read more). The Eastside Beltline and Piedmont Park are also in your backyard, but whatever. If you're looking for a memorable night out, start out with drinks and nosh at The Local. When you're good and buzzed, warm up your weirdo dance moves at the Bookhouse next door. Swing by Liberty if you're feeling bold, then throw back some shots and finish the night at the Clermont and/or MJQuestionable.

civic mural.jpg


One of the most vibrant communities in Atlanta continues being revitalized at lightning speed. Upon exploration, you’ll notice a clear dichotomy between newer modernized homes (outrageous, I would argue) and historical shotgun-style homes. This stark contrast materializes the social divide amongst longtime R-town residents and the recent influx of bourgeoisies. R-town is soon to host Atlanta Dairies and a shit-ton of other developments on Memorial Drive. But this neighborhood is already pretty amazing with WonderRoot, Home Grown GA, and its lush community gardens.