not your typical atl

Skip the Georgia Aquarium and the World of Coca Cola...hell, skip Downtown altogether.

Photos by Aaron Bridges

A 24/7 Timestar Lives, CharlieSmith - O4W Skate Park, 2015

Dogs are friends, not pets

(Midtown, O4W) The Dog Park at Piedmont and Freedom Barkway offers dogs and their owners a safe place to socialize and exercise. Just make sure your pups are well-mannered around others. Plus, you can grab a $2 coffee at Highland Bakery or a $2 beer at Jack’s right down the street.   


(Everywhere) Each month, the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition blocks off streets around the city to all cars and vehicles to promote the international Open Streets movement. Be like the Colombians and grab your bike, rollerblades, strollers, skateboards, or scooters and enjoy the ride.

RenT a Tandem Bicycle

(Old Fourth Ward) Feeling outdoorsy? Grab a friend, rent a tandem bike at the ATL Beltline Bicycle on Sampson Street and get to exploring. I also purchased my one-seater bike there and had an awesome experience. Here’s a great resource on all the greenery Atlanta has to offer...if you haven't already realized that we live in a forest.

be Critical, be massive

Men and women can join the monthly bike swarm called Critical Mass. And just for the ladies, Babe Lane rides on Thursday nights, with the intention to boost bike confidence and empower all levels. Overall, progressive changes are finally starting to accommodate for the rising number of cyclists - check out Curbed for updates.

Ponce City is Open for Business, 2016

Late Night Feeds on ponce

(Poncey-Highland) What do you do if it is super late and all you have is that questionable hunk of cheese in the fridge? Do not fear, the Majestic Diner is here...along with these other great late-night dining spots.

Dance Underground and rub elbows

(Poncey-Highland) You won’t find the most glamorous crowd at MJQ but you’re bound to have a great time. The Q” has 90s dance parties on Wednesday nights and hosts surprisingly famous musicians. Owen Wilson has been known to crash this spot...meaning, I've seen him there one time.

Illuminate the Line

(Old Fourth Ward) Join over 20,000 people in this annual September event. Homemade lanterns big illuminate the Eastside Beltline for one impressive evening. Plus, this family-friendly parade will end in time to go to any of the many bars within walking distance on Ponce and North Highland.

Catch an Indie Film in Midtown

(Midtown) Nestled between Trader Joe’s and the Eastside Beltline is the quaint Arts Cinema that features everything from indie films to worldwide releases. They also serve craft beer, wine, and Red Vines (because we all know they're better than Twizzlers)

Thelma's is Closed on Auburn Ave, 2015

CATCH A SHOW and keep your toes

(Westside) Not only is the sound system top-notch at Terminal West, the tickets are affordable and the crowd is always lit. Plus, Stationside offers tasty bites and free water during events. Never spend more than five minutes waiting for a drink, thanks to two full bars at either side of the stage. 

Eat Some Ramen and Jive 

(Edgewood) Go to the Sound Table any night of the week for beautifully crafted cocktails, delish craft beers, and tasteful apps. Not only that, but you can stick around to listen to local DJs that'll satisfy your ear-buds too. Oh, and on Mondays they specialize in ramen…’nough said.

Support the arts

(Reynoldstown) Wonderroot connects artists and arts-based programs to the local community. They offer exhibits, events, and films, summer camps, and a space for aspiring artists. Read their literary magazine, Loose Change, and stay updated with their events calendar.

LOL and Throw Spoons

(Poncey-Highland) Go for a cheap AF viewing of “The Room” at the Plaza Theatre on the last Tuesday of the month. Bring plastic spoons, a few friends, a good sense of humor. And on Fridays, the Plaza puts on a live and extremely entertaining Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Spanish Moss of Savannah, 2015

Wander and Whistle Down Wylie

(Cabbage-Reynoldstown) Wander down Wylie Street to gaze at graffiti art and paintings by local artists such as Black Cat Tips, Barry Draws, Peter Ferrari, Sanithna, and Rising Red Lotus, just to name a fewForward Warrior is held every year; it’s free to attend and truly something to look forward to.

wreck some Beers and Brussels

(Little Five Points) This top-rated gastropub serves brews crafted in-house along with a slew of creative and locally-sourced dishes. Check out Wrecking Bar's famous “Veggie Tuesdays”  for a delicious outing that both vegetarians and omnivore can enjoy.

Go for a georgian drive

Savannah is one of the most historical and beautiful Southern destinations, only a four-hour drive away. People of all ages will be swayed by it's old-world Southern charm with a twist of coastal modernity. Don’t miss a free visit to the Telfair Museum of Art - it’s the South’s oldest public art museum and home to thousands of fine art pieces. 

Get your hands dirty 

(Decatur) At Gaia Gardens, green-thumbs can attend workshops and classes throughout the spring and summer, hosted by Joe Reynolds and Judith Winfrey. Soak up their sustainable-agro wisdom onsite or nosh on the fruits of their garden, featured in many of the restaurants in Decatur and around Atlanta. Check out "Atlanta According to Joe Reynolds" and see where Joe likes to hang out and eat delicious local food.

The Art of Reconciliation, William Massey - Eastside Beltline, 2015

...could come True

Atlanta Magazine publishes monthly articles on What’s filming in Atlanta now? so you always have a shot at making it as an extra or just coincidentally walking across the backdrop. Plus, there are plenty of festivals and events for the film fanatics including the Atlanta Movie Tours, WonderRoot’s local film series, the annual Atlanta Film Festival, and SCAD’s renown ATV Fest

Your Pipe Dreams...

Atlanta has become quite the film and television hub over the past decade, thanks to increasing benefits for producers, the accessibility of our international airport, and a pool of talented crew members. Among the long list of shows and movies, Atlanta has hosted scenes on Anchorman 2, the Hunger Games, and most recently, the Walking Dead.


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