Empower the Practice of Inner Work

Finding a practice or ritual that nourishes your self-care routine takes time and patience. One way you could approach discovering your own self-care practice is figuring out first what your IMBALANCES are in order to find techniques that counteract them to bring yourself back into BALANCE. Although everyone is unique, I have found that in general, creative/artistic people tend to spend a lot of energy in our heads - thinking, analyzing, problem solving, imagining. When all that energy is spent driving upward and in the cognitive space, many of us experience feeling a loss of control or disconnectedness, anxiousness and tension as well as fear and anxiety, which are all manifestations of imbalances in the body, mind and spirit.

Where's the yoga in grief?

I can't remember why I let the flowers sit in my online shopping cart for an extra 36 hours. I probably just got distracted. I probably remembered to do it but decided not to do it at that very moment. I hate the stupid pun that I used on the card that went with the flowers. I hate that I thought using a pun was appropriate while you were dying. I hate that I sent flowers and a note with a stupid pun 36 hours too late. Most of all, I hate that you died. I hate believing that there is a higher power in this universe that let you die. I hate that the most powerful and profound thing about you (your brain) ended up killing you. 

Growing Home

For me, beginning to understand my parents, appreciate their choices, and listen to their stories didn't happen when I ran - doesn't happen when I run. None of the knowledge gained from asking questions happens if I continue to run. I come from somewhere before growing into someone that I recognize and that I strive to become. Returning home is not abandoning the path of opportunities in my own life. Instead, it's a way to strengthen my roots and engage with the people that I'm eternally connected to on the highest level. So in a way, I'm growing home

Nip it in the Bud.

Nip it in the Bud.

As I think about spicy-chorizo skewers and lavender-mint mojitos, I wonder...how many of the people who seem to spend much of their time upside-down actually feel, grounded? The Instagram celebrity who can balance on their nose at the edge of cliffs feels just as much pain and sorrow as the person who can't touch their toes. The person who can't touch their toes feels just as much joy, serenity, and inner peace as the Westernized yogi....

Magic Lies Within

Magic Lies Within

The practice of dhyana exposes pain. It's incredible how this path of self-discovery can feel be both fulfilling and utterly isolating. In that sense, the term enlightenment seems deceivingly optimistic. Removing obstacles on the path of devotion doesn't lead to bliss. Instead, it exposes pain and forces us to be here, right now. It forces us to be alert participants in a world where we default as hidden observers

You’re Too Difficult.

I see my own truth. I see that I have untapped potential. I see that others have their own truths and their own untapped potentials. I want to see those truths being embodied because that's what it means to be living. It's true that I can never define potential but it's also true that I can believe in it. I hold others to a standard that they’ve already manifested within themselves; one that they’ve displayed in our interactions and conversations; with their words and through their energies.