Affirmation of My Divinity Part I


January 2016

In 2016, I affirm my divinity by harnessing my personal power through graciousness, creativity, fearlessness, and flexibility. I am communicating creativity through my asana practice, my writing, and my language. I am participating in mindfulness, deliberation, meditation, and devotion to produce selfless action. I am living my life knowing that as long as I do everything with love in my heart, I am enough and I am doing enough. I am becoming more like a river and less like the dam that hinders it, for I have the power to make change. The universe sees us all and provides a velocity for me when I am devoted. When my heart is still, I am synonymous with light, with vibration, with water, and with fluidity.


Breathe In (Breathe Out)

  • I am fearless (because I am working from a place in my heart).
  • I am devoted (because my actions are offerings of worship).
  • I am capable (because I have faith).
  • I am accountable (but not attached to outcome).
  • I am enough (because I am everything).
  • I am a rainbow (because I am all the colors).
  • I am a garden (because I planted all the seeds).