Affirmation of My Divinity Part III

Balancing the Bhagavad

Applying the Wisdom of the Gita

Here are some bits and pieces of the Bhagavad Gita where I’ve put myself in Krishna’s perspective as he guides Arjuna to understanding the path to self realization. I am both Arjuna and Krishna and they are both me. I am contained in everyone and everything and everyone and everything in contained in me.


I have nothing to grieve

for any being as the Self,

who dwells in this body is

inviolable, forever.


I shall lift up my self by my Self

and not sink into the selfish;

for my self is the only friend

of my Self, and its only foe.


The woman who sees herself in everything

and everything within her

will not be lost to herself

nor will she ever be lost to anything or anyone.


I will practice yoga sincerely

with single minded devotion;

(for self and Self will be united)

love yourself with perfect faith

bring your whole self within.