Shine On

Tough Love Teacher Training


Today is a day to celebrate. Today is not a day to weep, to languish, or to grieve. For I am on my way to growing into the person that I’ve always wanted to be with space to become much much more. There are people who never, in their whole lives, find something that they love; something that radiates light from within, shining hopefulness where there is darkness.

I am…

A body. 

A mind. 

A spirit and a soul.


An artist. 

A healer. 

A visionary. 

A female advocator.


Wherever there is light, there is darkness - at least a shadow or two. Whether that shadow is a sliver of the moon or a silhouette of my own body - darkness acts as a reminder that things are not perfect. That I, am not perfect. That my universe (for it is what I am) never was, never is, and never will be without both good and bad.

Darkness can be fear of the unknown. 

Darkness can be anxiety around the hardship.

Darkness can be weakness in the face of expectation.

But there is one thing to remember, one thing worth internalizing deeply - darkness is honesty in the presence of light. Therefore I am...

An honest body.

An honest mind. 

An honest spirit and soul.


An honest artist. 

An honest healer. 

An honest visionary. 

An honest female advocator.


Wherever there is darkness, there is light. Wherever there is fear, there is space to be fearless. Wherever there is unsteadiness and uncertainty, there is strength and faith. Wherever there is effort, there is ease.

With both darkness and light, wholeness can exist with space to cultivate purpose, vocation, and love.

Today I welcome the future that certainly holds both lightness and darkness (may the former outweigh the latter). I relinquish control and fear into the fire on my continued pursuit of wholeness. May there always be a steady stream of love coming from within and coming from around, even in the presence of darkness.