The Way I See You

Written for Aaron, who is the Keeper of my Heart.

This is the way I see you.

I see the way you look at me, how the corners of your lips lift subtly and your eyes gaze ever so softly. I see the way you brush your hair back with your fingers once every half minute, sometimes twice. The way your left eye is slightly smaller than the right one when you smile - I see that (I love that). The way you say my name completes the man I dream about, the man I see.


I see your vulnerability in knowing that the world has greater powers and mystery that any individual could ever grasp. I see that your hopefulness and your bravery because true qualities like those do not go unseen. I see your transcendental nature, like a continuously drifting stream flowing softly and willfully over stones and roots and creatures. As you become more like the river and less like the dam that hinders it, your power cultivates change. Pull me with you.

Pull Me with you.

I’ve never met anyone like you. I've never met someone who exists to travel, to understand the world, and to interact with its people for the sake of being. I like to think that I know exactly why you travel, what you seek, what you’ve learned (I don't). But the way I see you and the way I see you embody your purpose is why I'm so captivated by you.

The Nature of ideas is Nature.

The Earth in its supremacy is our inspiration and our guide for seemingly original creations and ideas. Creativity is vast, elemental, and unstoppable; inevitably, it is rooted in nature. We cannot say with confidence that the world isn't coming to an end, that our human existence isn't doomed. As cynical as it may sound, we as a human species take and take - we take from others, we take from underneath, we take from above, and we take from the future. For the greater majority, the problems that have arisen and continue to arise blend together to form background noise. Barely a noise is a constant deep humming that never goes away yet never effectively interrupts our daily regimens. A common (and selfish) belief is that the world starts and ends with our own lives.

Lacking a sense of urgency or accountability, we hum along.

Then there's you - I like to think that traveling not only provides you with greater context for your own life but with context that is completely separate from yourself. This extraordinary paradigm allows you to recognize that the world doesn't start and end with you or with any of us, really.

The world exists with us insofar as we exist as us.

Deeply rooted in cynicism is the following statement: sooner rather than later, the world will disintegrate under an apocalypse and it will be all of our faults. Then I look at you and I see in your eyes that you believe something will be born out of (what seems like) this disaster. The Earth is too divine and too powerful for there not to be a cyclical nature to the universe. The Universe and this Earth will go on without you and without me. We (you and I) can't truly be doomed because we are only our own existence, no more and no less. The world exists with us insofar as we exist as us. You've shown me this. Your colorful positivity and intense willingness to flourish creates light from this understanding. While others shy away from discomfort and shrink with fear in the face of change and at the thought of cyclical nature, you defeat fear through love and through process.

Love wins.

Love wins in all ways and in all areas of life and it gives us all reason to live. As soon as you found love in traveling, your process for life became distinctly beautiful. Every little action and every single decision contributes to your ability to explore - a vocation that is fueled by true love. Your spirit is engaging, your soul is unique, and your existence is universal as a vessel for the Earth’s artistry and for the purpose that I see.

The way I see it.

You carry an expectation to be challenged; an expectation that the world will teach you, surprise you, and nurture you with every journey. You have this inexplicable romance with the world, a love story that I want to be a part of but never an inhibitor to. Like the ebb and flow of the tides, your purpose for exploration will move, shift, pull, and change others - change me. I can't wait for us to create movement together and to see the world through your eyes because the way I see it, we have a lot to live for.