I am working for:

An excerpt from Self Observation, by Red Hawk: 

You can't work against something, only for something. Watch the resistance and allow yourself to move and be fluid like water - don't let it get you stuck. Simply find yourself and observe your contradiction without judgment or trying to change things. Eventually, as I mature in this Work, change will arise from what is observed. Only as I mature can change occur, and it will arise as grace from the practice of self observation. I will see what to do and how to do it. I will see when struggle is necessary and what to struggle for. No need to struggle against anything; In will see what to struggle for and that will slowly take the place of what is no longer necessary.

The Question is, what are you working for?

I am working for connection.

I am nurturing an unbreakable, unwavering awareness across my mind and body, soul and spirit. Even though my spirit will change and my soul will grow; I will achieve a degree of closeness across all of these aspects as I move throughout life.

I am working for strength and therefore fluidity.

Cultivating strength in my own being, I believe, will empower me to exist with greater fluidity in my universe. I will be a strong [one] in order to achieve openness with the people, places, spirits, and energies around me. With more alertness in myself, I can start to understand my interactions within [my] universe and create more purposeful ripples during my life.

I am working to find balance, for I feel pulled by two extremes:

  1. I create my own reality. The universe is me - I am my universe. 
  2. I am insignificant in the continuation of the universe. I am so small.
  3. Karma sits in the middle.

I am working to insert my personal power where I have control and relinquish attachment where / when the universe has control. This understanding and application will help me to break karmic entrapments.