I am working for:

I am working to find balance, for I feel pulled by two extremes:

  1. I create my own reality. The universe is me - I am my universe. 
  2. I am insignificant in the continuation of the universe. I am so small.
  3. Karma sits in the middle.

I am working to insert my personal power where I have control and relinquish attachment where / when the universe has control. This understanding and application will help me to break karmic entrapments.

Shine On

Wherever there is darkness, there is light. Wherever there is fear, there is space to be fearless. Today I welcome the future that certainly holds both lightness and darkness. I relinquish control and fear into the fire on my continued pursuit of wholeness. May there always be a steady stream of love coming from within and coming from around, even in the presence of darkness.